The fact that we want to date women is scary and confusing for all of us at first. You’re not alone.

It’s normal, while we’re coming out, to be afraid that:

    Our parents and relatives will be hurt or upset, or worse, they'll be devastated and disown us because of shame or disgust

    Our old classmates and colleagues will laugh behind our back when they hear “through the grapevine” that we came out

    That girls we grew up with will be “creeped out” thinking we wanted them the whole time

    Our career will be compromised by rumors about our sexuality

    People will stop taking us seriously and we’ll be seen as a joke

    Our friends will think we’re dishonest for all the things we said and did back when we were trying to fit in and make things work with guys

    We’ll be rejected by the women we’re interested in dating because we don’t know what we’re doing

Hi, my name is Jordana Michelle.

I experienced first-hand the struggle of coming out and the loneliness and longing of trying to find lasting love with the right woman.

When I was coming out I didn't have any lesbian friends or resources to help me. That's why my work is all about creating the resources that nobody made for me when I was struggling with coming out and dating women.

I don't want you to have to go through this challenge without strategic guidance the way that I did, and I want you to know that my mission is to help you feel sexy in your sexuality so you can attract the women you desire and have the life you want.

Come Out Confidently

Are you still in the process of coming out?

I created some fun free resources to make your journey easier. Check them out below!